The Fidelity Iberia runs out of Manager. Leaves Firmino Morgado

The largest of the Spanish stock market investment fund has been without its Manager star, Portuguese Firmino Morgado, in a year that was being 'difficult' for the firm. There is a substitute, Brazilian Fabio Ricceli. The investment fund industry is experiencing several weeks of very important corporate movements. The third and last of which corresponds to the largest Fund Heritage invested in national equity such as the Fidelity Iberia, managed today by Firmino Morgado, the star Manager' ..

Endesa is offering a large extraordinary dividend of 6 euros per share

The electric, controlled by Italy's Enel, distributed more than 6 billion euros to the Italian matrix (owner of 92% of the capital) and the rest from shareholders of the company, about 170,000. The action picks up in bag with falls exceeding 2.2% that lead to the electrical up to 30 euros. The special dividend will be paid on 29th of this month, and it has been announced by the company in the framework of the investor day, which is celebrated today. It means a return on the price of the ..

Future to Bestinver after the departure of their Manager ‘Star’?

Different experts analyze the progress of Francisco García Paramés as Super Star' Manager from the Bestinver House, its immediate impact and alternative investment funds. Future to Bestinver after the departure of their Manager "Star"? An investor should do before the departure of a Manager ' Star' of your investment fund? Daniel Pingarrón, IG markets strategist: "in the short term, the progress of a personality very recognized by the market for a FI is quite negative. "When a guru goes ..

Bleeding from Bestinver is estimated at EUR 1 billion

The three largest funds Manager - including that of national income, Bestinver Bolsa - lose between 12% and 14% of their heritage since Francisco García Paramés exit was made public. According to data published by Javier Sáenz de Cenzano, Morningstar analyst, in an update made by this House, the management of funds of Acciona would have suffered a bleeding of money exits in their funds and pension of 1,000 million euros. We talk about data only to five working days to make public exit ..

You carbures, suspended from quotation

BME has decided the suspension of the alternative stock market company before the urban of financial statements at the end of the year 2013 and June 2014 after meeting the relevant fact referred to the MAB company 8:03 hours on Wednesday. "In the course of such work, the Board of Directors of Carbures has had knowledge of questions provided by PwC in the light of certain additional information which has come to their knowledge about the nature of the relationship of matrix, Carbures Europe, ..

Technical analysis using Ichimoku for Banco Santander

With a time frame monthly, the trend is bullish, since all the lines and the price are located above the Kumo. Tenkan-Sen line becomes a support for the price since the beginning of the year 2013 to the present, where occurs a change of trend in the short term by the appearance of a candle type followed by a long black candle doji. Let's look at this value using a time frame monthly We also stated in the graph the bullish cross of Tenkan-Sen and Kijun-Sen, although previously ..

And now Carbures? MAB suspends your quote to doubts about their accounts – Carbures news

The company ensures that it is just a matter of 'rearrange' the accounts of a company with such great growth and maintain its plan to the continuum. BME hopes to receive new releases Carbures to raise its price. First Gowex - and better not talk about the topic-after Ebioss Energy, an issue still to be resolved... and now Carbures. Once the undisputed king of the alternative stock market falls, now has been drawn a question mark over the head of the second company of Jerez de la Frontera. ..

The largest pension fund of the world abandons Bestinver

The known sovereign wealth investment fund of Norway has decided to terminate the management contract signed with Manager of Acciona in n/a As published in its printed edition Expansion, the sovereign wealth Fund of Norway (NBIM, its acronym in English) would have communicated to Bestinver its decision to end a contract according to which the management was responsible for directing their investments in Spain amounting to 400 million euros in assets under management. In principle, from ..

Münster: This is the main problem of the Apple Watch

Piper Jaffray technology guru has revived talk of new products from Apple and warns of risks that can have at the moment. The dream debut of Apple's new devices are collected in the market with some expectation. It was the moment that many were waiting for. The Ensign of the Apple felt that it was time to take the next step in the evolution of its products. However, with the passage of time have begun to arise differences as if they will or not succeed, mostly focusing on the ..

Morningstar lowers rating of three funds from Bestinver

Suffered by the managing refunds heat Bestinver following the departure of his star, García-Parames, Morningstar has decided to downgrade the rating of some of the funds of the Fund Manager. Morningstar has lowered the rating of Bestinver Bolsa, Bestinver Internacional and Bestinfond funds to 'Neutral' after checking that García-Parames output has clearly affected the Fund Manager. Indeed, in little more than a week and half refunds suffered by these funds amounted to 1 billion, and ..